TPP Wireless 2019
Under Construction

Thank you for choosing TPP Wireless.

Here are the basics:

1) Make sure equipment is plugged in and powered on.

2) In order to activate service for the first time this year you will need to be in the house that has our service and connected to the wifi .
If you are at a remote location(not on F.I.) we can activate but we charge an extra fee for manual activations

3) When you try to use the internet by going to any website you should be redirected to our 'splash' page that allows you to choose a time frame and speed, once the form is filled out and submitted you will be online.

2019 Pricing:

Daily 3Mbps Down / 2Mbps Up - $16.00

Weekly 3Mbps Down / 2Mbps Up - $35.00
Weekly 8Mbps Down / 5Mbps Up - $50.00

Monthly 5Mbps Down / 4Mbps Up - $75.00
Monthly 8Mbps Down / 5mbps Up - $105.00
Monthly 12Mbps Down / 7Mbps Up - $135.00

New Installation - $450.00+tax

Swap from other provider that uses ethernet to roof - $225.00+tax

If you have questions or concerns please call us @ 631-302-6301