About It's Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to TPP Wireless Internet

We are an Internet Service Provider, providing service the east end of fire island. For over a decade we have been expanding our coverage and speeds to provide internet service to the mostly summer communities of Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove, Sailors Haven Marina, Water Island, and Davis Park Marina

 Born out of necessity The Pines Pantry aka. TPP Wireless was able to get an internet connection in the early 2000's that was large enough to not only serve the needs of the Pines Pantry grocery store but enough to share that internet by means of wireless antennas with the community around us. Since then our capacity and customer count has grown year over year to bring us to 2021 where we would like to send a message to our friends, customers, and community around us. We are and have been honored to be able to provide these services to our fellow community members when it was not only a luxury but now when it is a necessity to do not only have fun but to get remote work done from a remote off the beaten path location as the east end of fire island.