Installations How it works to get internet installed or fixed

New Customer

Complete Install

If you a new customer to us and want to get internet, that what we do. We will send a technician to do a survey and speak with you about the install. Once all details have been finalized the tech will install the equipment on the house and run a wire inside to bring service into the house or apartment.
2 Year Warranty on antenna install

Once service is installed you will need to get a wireless router either form us or on your own. If you buy it from us we will configure it, install it, and warranty it for 1 year with instant swap.

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Antenna Replacement

Replace broken antenna

If you are already a customer of ours but your internet is not working and we have determiined the antenna is out of service or broken and needs to be replaced

Wire Replacement

Replace broken wire with new one

Whether its due to time exposed to the elements or animals destroying you wire sometimes the wire that runs from the antenna on the roof to inside the house is damaged and needs to be replaced.

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